Apps & Integration: Apothēka Blockchain is fully compatible with both MS Office and MS Project files to offer integrated data flow across systems. Importing and exporting spreadsheets, files and project plans has never been easier – or faster.

Simple Microsoft Import & Export

We offer seamless data round-tripping with Microsoft Project files including planned dates and linked task dependencies, WBS and resources. Plus, easily import or export Excel, Word & csv files to share project plans with anyone.


We’ve partnered with Zapier to bring you easy access to productivity tools that make transfer of data easier with Apothēka Blockchain. Zapier enables you to automate your data across your tools after setting up a one-time integration. We pre-configured our most popular tools, however Zapier has over 400 integrations so you can create your own!


Apothēka Blockchain features a GoogleApps integration in addition to the Google Drive and calendaring applications. Your team can keep project data and files up-to-date across your Google Apps, even update your tasks directly from your Gmail account.

Get Complete Google Integration

Apothēka Blockchain offers complete email, calendar, and Google Drive integration. Your tasks can be updated right within your email, your files can easily sync to your drive, and tasks can be synced to your Google calendars.