A blockchain SaaS ecosystem, introducing a user-centered self-sovereign identity that allows decentralization for de-identified data on the blockchain. Allowing secure data storage and exchange with optimal security, integrity, transparency, and traceability.

Apothēka patented eco-system (Pat No. 10.885.170) leverages latest Web 3.0 technology stack (Internet of Things; Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain).



To give users full control over their own data by having de-identified on-chain validated data introducing new dimensions of security, integrity, and interoperability. While providing endless opportunities for inter-industrial B2B data exchange that allows profitability and fair incentivization for data owners.



To create a unique blockchain-based personal ID that combines all personal de-identified data in the form of a master hash. Where users can control accessibility to their data, and get incentivized for B2B data sharing.


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Apotheka is industry agnostic with a focus on data utility and ownership. Our ecosystem provides data solutions for various industries like tech, sports, and healthcare with seamless data exchange functionality and validated data resources.

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