About Apotheka Healthcare ecosystem

Apotheka Digital Health Passport empowers the healthcare systems with integration of the proven pillars of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, giving medical service providers a wide range of functionality that helps in security, scalability and interoperability of their services. While empowering patients with borderless communication and an AI-supported predictive system that helps with disease predictability and prevention. Contact us below for a demo and a quote.

Our Focus


Self-sovereign health-data ID

Providing patients full control over their own health data, with self-owned storage and control of which piece of information to share with validators.


AI-supported telemedicine

Providing players a traceable on-chain proof of ownership for their data.


Public Health

AI-supported data processing that secures a predictive data analysis and early valid data to the healthcare field. To help in the areas of protective measures during pandemics and pharmaceutical drug development phases.


EMR integration

Apotheka introduces blockchain-based seamless EMR integration features. Offering multiple layers of security, interoperability, and profitability.



Seamless integration between doctors and local pharmacies via on-chain end-to-end encrypted and verified prescriptions.


Healthcare data security

Protecting health data against breach, misuse, and unauthorized data acquisition.



Multi-ends data accessibility between medical service providers.


Multi-ends data accessibility between medical service providers.

Medical billing automation and health insurance claims adjustment to eliminate errors.

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