Apothēka Blockchain was designed as an agile cloud platform with a unified integrated ecosystem that’s easy to use by both physicians and patients to facilitate exemplary patient care experience. The à la carte nature of the system allows hospitals and private practices to purchase modules they need, which allows, easy customization, easy integrations with your other critical systems or applications and faster implementations times at reasonable cost.

We have built the Apothēka Blockchain to allow easy migration of data from your existing EMR system or medical applications and devices. The system accepts a variety of file formats such as comma separated value, XML, Excel files or text files etc. for upload into Apothēka Blockchain. However, if you are not able to acquire the data from your existing system; we can help you gather, prep, clean and import into the Apothēka Blockchain.

We offer a lot of standard modules such as Cardiology, Nephrology, Radiology, Telehealth, Urgent care, Transplant among others. However, we understand that no one size fits all and; that is why we can completely customize your modules, as per your workflows and needs.

Typical implementations range from 3-12 months depending on the hospital size or your private practice. The Apothēka team has built lean six sigma best practices into our own operations to facilitate efficiencies in our deployments translating into great ROI for our clients.

With growing demand by federal government in regards to healthcare compliance; it is important to conform to mandated guidelines to facilitate excellent care for your patients. So having an EMR system that’s automated, secure and user friendly you can now concentrate on important details in your day to day operations.

Our pricing for modules varies depending on your needs;  as we offer tailor-made solutions. So to understand your needs better, we offer free initial consultation through our EMR experts to customize modules and select the best plan for you.

You can configure Apothēka to handle all your billing needs. This module provides a comprehensive ability to track changes and services rendered to the patients from the time they are admitted into the hospital till the day they are discharged. Our billing module allows you to interact with payers/insurance companies and most clearing houses to provide real-time billing data for reconciliation.

Apothēka is built as a unified EMR ecosystem with capabilities of interaction between all the modules to provide user friendly functions, great patient care work flows and also lets you run a successful practice. We believe Interoperability is very essential for a good EMR system and that’s we built and delivered!

In a highly medical competitive market and power of social media it is important to have a strong online presence. Most of the patients decide on a doctor based on reviews and trust from other patients. So it is essential to build your reputation online and; Apothēka lets you do that by providing real-time reviews from your patients with the help our secure patient-doctor engagement modules.

Yes, we do. Please email us at [email protected] and one of our solution experts will be in touch as soon as possible.

Apothēka Blockchain was designed using the latest in technology such behind blockchain. In addition to this, we’re compliant with all government policies, HIPAA, at-rest or only in-transit encryption, PCI, SOX, SSH key authentication, firewalls, OC-ATCB certified so you can be sure that all the essential information and data is safe and secure.
Yes, you can. We can prepare an encrypted transfer pipeline to facilitate secure data or file transmission either to a cloud platform where the archived files can be picked up by your team.



Managing a hospital is a tough business but Apothēka was there to help us from the beginning. We could figure out the best practices using our customized modules, could also provide excellent medical care to our patients, and I think is a win-win solution. Thanks to Apothēka Blockchain!


I have used Apothēka Blockchain and; I loved it. It was easy to use and worked out well for my private practice. I surely recommend Apothēka for every physician out there.

Billing Manager

Apothēka has been a blessing to us. We could streamline our process quickly. Apothēka is a vital element of billing now and we absolutely love it.


I’m so happy that we used Apothēka Blockchain. All its modules were customizable and provided a lot of visibility which yielded a better revenue.

Office Manager:

Apothēka is efficient and accurate. It saves us from wasting a lot of time on manual jobs. They have a great support system in place and offer fantastic follow-ups too.